Install and connect SoftEther VPN on Windows

1. Install SoftEther VPN client on Windows
2. Connect to SoftEther VPN on Windows
3. Disconnect from SoftEther VPN on Windows

1. Installation

Download the setup file of SoftEther VPN client and run it.
Press Next and then select SoftEther VPN Client.
Accept User License Agreement and specify the installation folder. Follow the instructions.

2. Connection

Download the configs archive file and unzip it.
It is not necessary download archive of all SoftEther configs, you may select and download a specific configs (Single chains and Double chains).
Run the VPN client which was installed on the previous step. Open Connect -> Import VPN Connection Setting and select one or more configs from the downloaded archive.
A new VPN chain will appear in the available connection list after config importing. To connect right click on a VPN chain and then select Connect in the drop-down menu.
If it is the first connecting to the VPN chain authorization window will appear in few seconds. Enter your username and password and press OK.
The username and password are the same as the username and password of the DeepWebVPN Cabinet.
Don't forget setting DNS after succesfully connecting.

3. Disconnection

To disconnect right click to the connected VPN chain and press Disconnect in the drop-down menu.