Install and connect OpenVPN on Android

1. Download OpenVPN configs
2. Install OpenVPN Connect for Android and import configs
3. Connect OpenVPN on Android

1. Download configs

You need get configuration files firtsly. Open DeepWebVPN configs URL in a browser (Chrome or another), choose one in the folders single or double and then download it.
It is possible download all OpenVPN configs in one zip, you can also download zip of the single chains only (SingleVPN) or zip of the double chains only (DoubleVPN). Don't forget to unzip it.

2. Install OpenVPN Connect and import configs

Install OpenVPN Connect for Android.
Start the application and select OVPN Profile, accept the permissions.
Import (select and confirm by clicking IMPORT) the downloaded config file.
Enter the username and password. The password field appears after clicking Save password. Confirm the entering by ADD button.
The username and password are the same as the username and password of the DeepWebVPN Cabinet.

3. Connect

To connect OpenVPN on Android click to the selected OpenVPN config in OVPN Profile section of the OpenVPN Connect application. And then click OK in the Connection request windows.
To disconnect just click to a connected profile.