User Agreement

1. Glossary of the Terms

1.1 DeepWebVPN — the internet resource provides VPN, that has addresses:,, http://deepwebvpnvvotmw.onion and http://dwvpnnnsdstiwadnfo2d5nrrj523egqc7rdf6gnydbayu3zxqtk6dcqd.onion, and subdomains of the domains. Hereinafter referred to as DeepWebVPN (DWV).
1.2 DWV User — account of DWV. Hereinafter referred to as the User.
1.3 VPN server — server of DWV Virtual Private Network, Hereinafter referred to as the Server.

2. Anonymity

2.1 DWV saves Username, E-mail, Jabber ID (JID), Telegram and transaction history ONLY. E-mail, JID and Telegram are NOT verified. User has the right to enter incorrect E-mail, JID and Telegram, herewith E-mail, JID and Telegram are not required at all.
2.2 User is aware that it is not possible to restore the access if the entered data is incorrect. User accepts all responsibility in this situation on themselves.

3. Fees

3.1 DWV accepts payments via the User cabinet ONLY.
3.2 DWV does NOT do cash back.

4. Rights and liability of the parties

4.1 DWV has the right to delete or add a particular Server at your discretion.
4.2 DWV does NOT save and NOT collect any information about VPN sessions, does NOT analyze, NOT substitute etc the traffic.
4.3 DWV does not bear any responsibility for the actions of User.

5. Closing provisions

5.1 Issues which are not settled by this Agreement are subject to the ethical norms of the Internet community, the principles of crypto-anarchism and humanism.